Oita Bungoono Geopark Guides

Let our guides lead the way!

The expert guides at Oita Bungoono Geopark are available to help give visitors a more enjoyable, easy to understand experience.

Bungo Ono City Museum

The Bungo Ono City Museum, which is the base facility of the Oita Bungoono Geopark, stores and displays various materials, rocks, fossils and minerals related to the nature, history and folklore of Bungo Ono. With the relocation in 2021, the contents of the exhibition will be significantly renewed, and you will be able to learn more about the origin of the land of Bungo Ono, the development of industry, history, and culture.

Friend Shops

Looking forward to seeing you at the shops all around town

Geopark Friend Shops are commercial enterprises to spread awareness and knowledge of geopark activities in cooperative efforts with the Oita Bungoono Geopark Promotional Council. Consisting of restaurants, sake breweries, banking institutions, and facilities of other industries, they are working to bring more excitement to the local geopark.

Chujosetsuri-kun & Columi-chan

Easy to Understand Explanations

Oita Bungoono Geopark's official mascots are the siblings Chujosetsuri-kun and Columi-chan. Chujosetsuri-kun's name comes from the Japanese word for columnar joints, while Columi-chan's comes from the English.